SEO is more a requirement for businesses than just another marketing option. Say thanks to algorithms that are evolved to the extent where gaming search engines is impossible. In case that you stuck with an agency that gamed the system, i.e. built referrals without developing enough credible footprints around what you deal in, then you definitely feel dissatisfied with your returns on investments on web marketing.

This is where our Technical SEO Audits can map out where things went wrong and what is the most feasible way to fix them up. In fact, the applied knowledge of our executive staff in customized auditing and competitor analysis is hard to find. Instead of relying upon automated tools for auditing, we look into what matters from the first step. Our SEO Auditing Reports are crafted around identifying the most suitable keywords, tracking your ranks vs. competitors, discovering and brainstorming on how to beat the noise with knowledge-based planning and execution of web marketing campaigns. In addition to this, you get full awareness of rankings with our search rank tracking services.