Reading Between Lines With Google Tools – Possible?

You cannot devise a campaign without identifying your target audience. And an even bigger mistake it will be if you start web marketing without understanding your buyer’s general trend. Recognizing customer and his overall thinking towards what you offer over the web are two different phases that you must complete before campaign’s execution starts. In doing so, you will find interesting and applicable facts to redefine the parameters for campaign’s success. Otherwise, your entire web marketing investments would be at risk. Strategically thinking, it is the level where ‘words’ used by potential customers become handy. In web marketers’ jargon the same ‘words’ are ‘keywords’ while their associated search phenomenon is ‘keyword research.’

Keyword research is a very complicated job which has very little space for a mistake. Every web marketer can use Google Trends, Keyword Planner, etc. like tools for gathering statistics, but only the best experienced knows how to apply this data for optimum success.

Since Google’s share in global search market is quite big, data that Google’s keyword tools produce is realistic for the most part. For example, you can predict the near future demand for a product or service from historical graphs of Google Trends, while Google Keyword Planner can assist in marketing budget’s calculations. However, a noise in Google’s statistics is always present and it is created when businessmen like you, bloggers and internet marketers Google for same product or service. Keyword searches that they make would add up to search volume of keyword, due to which data of Google Adwords and Google Trends gets hazy. You cannot see your customer numbers in this haze, and if you put efforts in every direction the cost of marketing campaigns would grow while Return on Investment (ROI) will be small.

A few entrepreneurs believe that Google has tools and algorithms to reduce the noise out of its keyword search volumes. For example, it has Ad Preview and Diagnosis in Google Adwords that let users view their Ads’ performance, which can be applied to gain stats of various sorts. So they think that at least their business rivals would apply it, due to which stats quality of keyword search would improve.

Ad Preview & Diagnosis

However, professional SEO bloggers are aware that Google’s objectives behind this search result simulation tool are very different. Let’s take a look at how.

  • From technical point of view, despite that shows stormier weather more often these days, Google hardly announces any of the implemented algorithmic changes. It was badly criticized in past when algorithmic changes were announced so often, hence Google’s press engagement principles changed accordingly.
  • From workforce’s management angle, the resignation of Google’s longtime principle of internet search business Amit Singhal hit the newspapers in February 2016 and rumors that Google changing its policies at executive level were followed. Also that extended leave of Google’s Matt Cutts, the longtime head of web spam team, has not ended after two years.

That’s why when Google changed the outlook of SERPs to give more space to three Ads above organic results; obviously it is a signal that this search giant is expecting hard rivalry from social media giants in the near future and hence it wants to attract more public to its keyword marketing tools. So when the executives at Google want to get rid of old bad stories associated with their algorithmic changes, Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool is an effort to build up entrepreneurs’ confidence in Google Adwords. They can see their ads without paying anything to Google. Now, if all businesspersons start using it, even so the press, journalists and bloggers would not be using due to which businesses already are feeling that a lot of their Google Ad Investments have been going down the drain. If you are the head of a business then you are on your own, and you should find your own way to deal with this unwanted noise in keyword search stats.

And if you are feeling that Google Adwords and Google Trends are just intended to drain your marketing budget, then it is not true either. The problem is not with these tools, it’s rather with the way you apply them for growing your visibility. You do not understand how to use them, and it is a fact. So you should consult seasonal web marketers that frequently engage in keyword search projects. Since it’s a routine work for them, they can collect data that matters the most by applying their first-hand knowledge. These kinds of experiences are not shared in articles and books.

Remember that a good marketer will not only save you from marketing hassles but also give an unprecedented edge over the competition. If you are still confused, then simply give me a call and let me brief about your potential customers.