Meet Our Team


Hannan Ahmad

Beside having a never-ending passion for enhancing the on-page, customer-experience and competitor-understanding, I am a growth-oriented SEO Consultant whose fresh knowledge and applied techniques in content-marketing, press-release writing and distribution, and link-building are game-changer for you. I generate significant increases in revenue by applying my firsthand experiences in marrying data with in-depth knowledge, which I do as per the latest trends of search engine algorithms. Furthermore, I have a great passion towards how modern technologies can bring SEO and Social Media together, and its implementation always grows online engagement with targeted customer.


Nauman Ahmad S.

As an SEO Strategist, I have spent more than eight years in evolving with variations that Google initiates in its own version of Charles Darwin to provide the finest results to user. This extensive engagement is solely for every CEO who wants to grow his business visibility to target audience to generate organic leads. Engaging me is like taking your first step towards your success in web marketing. If you are still unsure then in a glimpse you can imagine me like a Marketing Consultant with strong analysis, evaluation, reporting and management skills who always achieves your online marketing goals and ensures maximum ROI at the earliest possible time while working under strict budget restrictions.

ata khalid

Ataul-Naseer K.

The diversity of Modern SEO makes it difficult to find one person with everything, but if your job requires a blend of everything that matters in SEO then I am the person you should engage. It is mainly because I possess an educational mentality combined with an analytical mind and a vast knowledge of troubleshooting SEO campaigns. I am perfect for the heating moments when frustrated clients, after failing to cut mustard, start blaming search engine algorithms. I use three years of knowledge and experiences in Competitor Analysis, Link Building, On-Page, Blogging, Copywriting and SEO Tools to give authentic advice to my clients. 

Mohammad Maqsood S.

Over the last five years, I have extensively-stretched my understanding on variations that Google initiates in ranking measures through modern algorithms. Familiarity with Google Algos is further backed up by a 3-year-long proactive contribution as copywriter, blogger and journalist with various web development and marketing companies. When put together, this knowledge and experience help me evaluate your sites in the right context of its niche and competition. Practically, I have enough experience to answer all client questions in a comprehensive, professional and in-depth educational manner. Besides, the applied knowledge of technical disciplines of SEO combines with a passion for adding value and delivering results.


Yasir Abbas

I am more than average SEO providers. Where their talks include a number of unnecessary things, I take you to the right direction in the very first meeting and make suggestions accordingly. Its not simply about link building or on-page, my approach is smart enough to produce data that matters the most in your niche. If you want somebody who can help you permanently and resolve all problems that arise with the passage of time then your search is over.
Rather I should say that if you are aiming to look at your competitors and you want to look straight into the eyes with full confidence and then beat them with knowledge, you just found the RIGHT person to materialize your marketing dreams.