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Who We Are?

We create strategies to improve the performance of SEO, SEM and Link Building activities. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experiences in creating sales funnels with SEO. Our communication skills further assist in reaching to the core of your problems in minimum time. On the same grounds, our cofounders have been an integral part of reputed digital marketing agencies of US, Canada and Australia; who seek our coaching to win new contracts and to keep their existing clients happy with performance.

What We Do?

Our marketing methods are technically different from what others will do for you. First, we establish a consensus around what Google likes about your niche, targeted location and keywords. Our second objective is to understand where you stand in search visibility for the same. Third, we make sure that you become an answer of every customers’ question who is in your targeted areas. Last but not the least, our reports are neutrally created to give a detailed spectrum of everything that matters in web marketing at any level.

Why Us?

You learn from working with us as much as we learn from you, and in this way the insights gained from our past diverse range of clients have become an asset for your success. We identify opportunities and possible strategies with competitor research and market analysis, and then we apply our proven knowledge to create the strategy of success for you. Our belief is to increase your sales opportunities to justify your spending by increasing your ROI.

Read Testimonials

“There is no doubt in my mind that Hannan is an expert in SEO. I’ve never seen or worked with anyone better.”

– James Tovet (Founder of Cash for Your Test Strips)

“Nauman is amazing! I am working with him a lot. He completed multiple projects for me successfully. I am definitely recommend Nauman for website development and SEO.”

– Ilya Novak (Marketing Manager @ Trifecta MedSpa & Wellness)

“Hannan has an innate ability to think search strategy in terms of marketing as it relates to business as a whole vs someone who just performs optimization work. The journey from the bottom to the top of search rankings takes a bit of time, but it is built on a truly solid foundation that will server your web presence far into the future. Simply put when his recommendations are put into place, you see the movement you want in your rankings. He takes care of everything else.”

-Aaron Henry (Creative Director @ Foundry512.com)

“Nauman is a top notch pro in his field. Most people do not understand what it takes to make SEO work however he does. He helped my site go from somewhere in the 80s to #2 on Google for key search terms in a very short time. I will need more SEO work and would not think of contacting anyone else. Nauman’s communication is excellent and he gives you honest feedback that will help your site grow.”


– Michael Wade (Owner of Wolfsbane K9)

Our Founders

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Nauman Ahmad S.

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Hannan Ahmad